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Time for Change – A Preacher’s Position on a Homemade Clock

IMG_7154A 14 year old kid was arrested in Texas named Ahmed Mohamed for building a homemade clock.  He showed this clock to his engineering teacher, who told him not to show to anyone else.   The clock was discovered by an English teacher.  The clock and Ahmed were reported.  He was arrested for building a bomb or a hoax bomb.  Ahmed was handcuffed and taken in for questioning.  During the interrogation, his parents, nor a lawyer, nor a social worker, was present to represent Ahmed.  After a while, the police did determine that the device was harmless.  They released Ahmed and no charges were filled.  Although the reports, do have Ahmed receiving a suspension from the school for this incident, which I have yet to discover if that punishment was lifted or not.

Social media has erupted in support of Ahmed Mohamed.  He has received an invitation to the White House from the President.  He has received numerous other invitation and gifts from internship, tours of businesses and schools, free circuit kits for more building, shirts worn in space from an astronaught, among others.  This has been called racial and/or religious profiling from average joes on Facebook, all the way to the White House, to CEOs of major corporations, to presidential candidates.  I do not think you need my two cents saying this was a case of racial and/or religious profiling.  Do you think if Daisy Sue Johnson built a clock she would be in handcuffs?  I hope you are not that naive.

I want my two cents to go toward the many, many other outrageous acts in this story that are seemingly being overlooked because of the egregious racial and/or religious profiling.

First, Ahmed’s engineering teacher saw the device.  This teacher figured that some would mistake it for a possible bomb or something nefarious, and just told Ahmed to not show it to anyone.  Why didn’t this teacher, since he/she obviously realized that others could misunderstand the clock, do something.  The teacher could have informed the school, “Just so you know Ahmed built a really cool clock.  Don’t mistake it for anything else.”  The teacher could have held onto the clock instead of telling Ahmed to hide the clock.  This teacher who saw the potential of this situation to escalate did not do enough to protect Ahmed.

Second, once the clock was discovered by the English teacher, I couldn’t find in other articles, and I looked, that any teacher, administrator, or police officer went to the engineering teacher.  That seems like such a logical step.  Ahmed has an engineering class.  The engineering teacher has expertise.  This could have been a project in or for this class.  Why wasn’t the engineering teacher consulted once the clock was discovered?  From the outside looking in, it appears that the multiple teachers and the administrators did not know Ahmed enough personally to take that step.  They did not know that he worked on go-karts and had a passion for robotics and electronics.  That is a condemnation of the school as well.

Third, I have a hard time determining what is the most ugly aspect of this story, the blatant racial and/or religious profiling or this fact.  Ahmed was pulled from class, detained by police, searched, interrogated multiple times before his parents or his lawyer or a social service worker was ever allowed to see or speak to him.  Let that sink in.  Let that sink in deep.  The great state of Texas integrogated a 14 year old kid without giving him any representation whatsoever.  That is scary gestapo actions that is not American.  I believe some guy named Miranda was totally ignored.  That is disgusting.

Amidst the terrible racial and/or religious profiling of this case, do not ignore the other atrocities that surround Ahmed’s detention.  The engineering teacher saw the potential and basically did nothing.  The other teachers and administrators did not know Ahmed enough personally to realize that this kid could and would actually build a real clock.  Then, the police searched and interrogated a kid, a kid, a kid without his parents or any other form of representation.  Just because charges were not filled and the police released Ahmed does not make this situation ok.

At Sunnyside we are blessed, and I do mean blessed, to have a child that attends from Middle Eastern descent.  This child’s parents are professing Muslims.  The parents too have attended various services from time to time to watch their child participate in ministries.  This child is so precious, and I get along with her parents.  The child  tells me every Sunday that she likes my tie, and then, tells me whether or not that tie matches my shirt.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  I pray that she will live in a different world than Ahmed when she reaches middle school.  Stephens County Middle School be warned this child has much more than her parents that will stand against her mistreatment, some of which work at your school.

Yes, a group of Muslims flew planes into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.  Christians have killed abortion doctors, bombed nightclubs and abortions clinics all in the United States.  Take some time and read the Wikipedia entry on Christian terrorism found here.  Should all us Christians be judged by the Ku Klux Klan or the Centennial Park Bomber or those few who have murdered in the name of Jesus?

Jesus didn’t judge the woman at the well because she was a Samaritan.  Peter didn’t judge Cornelius because he was Roman.  Phillip didn’t judge the Eunuch because he was an Ethiopian.  God loves us all.  It is about time we begin to love all, which will drive us to understand those that are “different,” and gives us wisdom so we won’t do something atrocious such as interrogating a boy without representation.

Not only do I stand with Ahmed.  I stand with you.  I stand with Jesus who would have me stand for all.  I stand with the bigot and pray for love.  I stand with the confused and pray for wisdom.  I stand with the terrorists and pray for growth.  I stand with all who are in need of a savior and the gospel to mend their brokenness.  I stand because I too am broken and need Jesus Christ to mold a better husband, father, preacher, and friend out of me.

Let’s open to God as a society, so we can be lifted up to love as He would love, to defend what He would defend, to show compassion where He would show compassion, so we will never have another child go through what Ahmed Mohamed did.

Truly, Preacher Jesse

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