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You Left the Valuables Behind – To the Individual Who Broke Into Our Church

IMG_7154To the individual who broke into our church.

We have a message for you. First, we do not care about the two doors you broke. We do not care about the locked filing cabinet you jimmied open. We do not care about the mess, and we most assuredly do not care about the hundred bucks you took with you. What we do care about is you!

For the last several days I have pondered what would make me desperate enough to rob a church: lost my job and need to feed my kids, a struggle with addiction, an extortionist interest rate on a “helpful” pay day loan, a cruel person claiming to be a Christian who acted despicably toward me…I am truly sorry for whatever situation that led you to kicking in our door. I have prayed for you everyday since and will continue to pray that God will deliver you from your burdens and strife.

But most importantly, I want you to know that as you walked out of Sunnyside Baptist Church with that money, you left the valuables behind.

At Sunnyside, you can find love. God loves you. I know with whatever life has thrown at you that you may not feel God’s love, but I promise, your life has value. You matter to God, and If you open up to Him, He will bathe you in love. Also, you will find love from the good hearted people that attend Sunnyside. They will not hate you because of who you are or what you’ve done. To be honest, some of us have done worse, and we love each other anyway.

At Sunnyside, you will find hope. If you are desperate enough to break into a church, I imagine you need a light at the end of that dark tunnel. Sunnyside has offered light in the darkness and hope to hopeless for 75 years.

At Sunnyside, you can find deliverance, which we often call salvation. Across our church, we have people delivered: from life destroying sin, from drug and alcohol addiction, from abusive situations, from cancer and disease, from poverty, from loss, from pain, and even from situations more desperate than yours. We have an incredible savior in Jesus Christ. He has deliverance waiting for you, if only you will trust in Him.

At Sunnyside, you can find strength. God will give to you His Spirit to empower you for daily living. This world is dark. This world is hard, and in this world you need God’s strength. Also. You will find at Sunnyside, people who will share their lives, their stories, their gifts, to strengthen you for living. I have witnessed our church surround a mother who buried her daughter to give her strength to face that pain and heart break. That mother continues to this day to live and impact others with a strength this world cannot understand.

At Sunnyside, you can find good hearted folks that will care for, encourage, and pray for you. Don’t underestimate the power of Christians praying. I can share with you a story of a lady who got turned down for job after job, was incredibly discouraged, only to be offered a better job than any other job in which she interviewed. I can introduce you to cancer survivors. I can introduce you to ex-drug addicts. Prayer and encouragement can change your life.

At Sunnyside, you can find purpose. Not only does God love you, God wants to move in your life and use your life to impact other people positively. He wants you to be apart of His church. He wants you to serve and lift up others. He has a plan for your life, created especially for you and your gifts. Allow God to move in your life, and I think you will be amazed at the impact and meaning your life can have.

There are numerous others, but I think you get the idea. In essence, what you can find at Sunnyside Baptist Church is a new life through Jesus Christ. This is a new life of love, hope, deliverance, salvation, strength, encouragement, prayer, power, and purpose. This is a life free from guilt, free from shame, free from the bondage of this dark world.

To the individual that broke into our church, please, please come back.

We meet on Sundays at 10 am for Bible Study, 11 am and 6:30 pm for Worship, and on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for a Prayer Service.

Please join us, I would love to show you and give freely to you the true treasures that can be found at Sunnyside Baptist Church.

Truly, Preacher Jesse Colbert

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