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Why I’m Southern Baptist 2 – It’s About The Shoes

IMG_7154A few weeks ago, I shared about all the different religious choices around us every day, and I gave one reason that my family chooses to be Southern Baptist in the larger Christian faith.  I am back to share another reason my wife and I choose to be Southern Baptist, and it has to do with writing. I like books.  I like to read, and one of my favorite pastimes is talking with authors.  I am fascinating with how story is created.

In my passionate enjoyment of stories and their creation, I have gotten to speak to some amazing authors.  Spending time in writing and reading circles, I have, also, met a peculiar type of person.  I have met some quirky people that introduce themselves as “a writer.”  Myself being immediately intrigued by that claim begins to ask questions, and I am shocked by their answers.  What have you published?  Nothing yet.  Who have you submitted your story too?  No one yet.   Can I read your story?  It’s not finished. I’m busy with my other job.  What genre are you exploring?  I haven’t narrowed it down yet.  What do you have?  I have a great title!  After a few questions, I realize that they are actually an “aspiring” writers, not an actual writer, and many are actually aspiring to be an aspiring writer!  Then, I have a chuckle.  They claim to be a writer, but they do not do what a writer does, namely write and complete stories.

Isn’t this one of the major world complaints toward Christians?  Christians do not act like Christ.  Christian do not live what they preach.  Christians like to put on the title of Christian more than they want to put in the work and service of being a Christian just like those so called writers do not want to put in the incredible effort to craft a captivating story.  Just like I said in my latest article on why I am a Southern Baptist, you can tell a lot about a church by how they spend their money, you also can tell a lot about a church by how they spend their time.  Do they just say they are Chrsitians or do they put in the great effort to live it?  I believe Southern Baptist churches work hard to live out their faith.  They claim to be Christian, and they do what Christians should be doing.

Southern Baptist are active in serving the gospel.  Here are just a few examples of the quick response by Southern Baptist to minister in crises around the country.  I believe that most folks are familiar with the Flint Michigan water situation, the storms over the Christmas holidays across America, and in the South, we are very aware of the flooding that took place in South Carolina destroying thousands of homes and communities.  Southern Baptist’s disaster relief ministry responded to each situation.  Check out what they did in Flint, the winter storms, and in South Carolina.  If you want to read more about our disaster relief efforts, explore here.

In the news of the last few years, the government has be working and arguing over how to provide affordable health care, Southern Baptist in Georgia have been providing affordable or free health care to thousands, for decades, through out mobile health ministry and other health ministries that are ongoing and in the past.

I love the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries.  They provide help to rebuild and strengthen families going through difficult times.  They provide homes for children without a home.  Also, Southern Baptist not only state that we are against abortion, we offer opportunity and options to women outside of abortion through our Children’s Homes.

Here in the rural South where I live and service, meth has become an epidemic.  Too many families and communities have been torn a part by this plague among other drug and alcohol addictions.  The Southern Baptist again respond.  The Georiga Baptist Convention provides drug and alcohol therapy and recovery treatment though  H.E.A.R.T. Ministires (for women) and Penfield Christian Homes (for men).  Our local Southern Baptist Association (the Tugalo Association), provides support to a  local alcohol and drug recovery ministry, among other ministries.

My church, Sunnyside Baptist Toccoa Georgia, are actively involved in our community through benevolence aid, meals on wheels, various collections from clothing to food to supplies for various people and ministries, counseling, a caregivers support group, construction projects, collect money to support the ministries of our denomination, special giving to the Children’s Home and Gideons, and I could go on. This does not even mention our church members who are constantly serving and helping others.  I have witnessed them changing car tires, fixing someone’s roof, filling a tank with gas, helping folks fill out applications and find opportunities to work, buying a meal, sharing the coats off their back, and so much more.

There are literally hundreds of ministries actively going on in the Southern Baptst Convention.  I have not even begin to scratch the surface of what our Mission Boards do across the globe to meet meets, but I think you get the idea.

Being a Southern Baptist in Georgia, I encourage you to explore the following and please click on this link.  Be sure to check out the community missions, disaster relief, and events tabs.  You will see we are a collection of active churches trying to do and to live God’s word.  You will see multiple ministries I haven’t mentioned yet from chaplaincy, building ministries,  to providing education, impacting impoverished areas, and there are still others!  Go check it out.

The second reason I choose to be Southern Baptist is the shoes.  They are broken in and worn because Southern Baptist are busy, actively ministering to those in need.  Being Christian is not just something we say, it is something we strive to do and to be.  I hope you will share this article the next time you hear someone say that there are not any Christians that act very Christian.  By the way, we’re not the only church doing this either.

Thank you for reading and sharing, Preacher Jesse

One thought on “Why I’m Southern Baptist 2 – It’s About The Shoes

  1. Larry forrester says:

    Much of God’s work on earth is done by man. He asks us to be his feet, his hands, his voice, etc. I love your comment about the shoes.
    A pastor who visits the flock and those in need is a rare and wonderful servant of God. May God keep you on the road.


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