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Monthly Archives: October 2018

America’s Divides and Proverbs 16:18: A Preacher’s Position on Facing America’s Divides

It is clear from news papers, political speeches, the local news, bumper stickers, and social media, the divides in this country are growing at a frighteningly rapid pace.  America is moving from a powerful mosaic of various backgrounds and thoughts fixed together in a beautiful picture to just a pile of fragile glass breaking into more and smaller shards.  Take and knee, protest police, back the soldier, republican, democrat, immigration, strong boarders, open boarders, socialized healthcare, fiscal responsibility, black lives matter, blue lives matter, pro-choice, pro-life, gun control, personal freedoms, equal rights, freedom of religion…do I need to go on?  The issues that divide so many are all around us, but what frightens me the most is not the differing of opinions.  It is the level of vitriol and hate between two people or groups that disagree.  

Our disagreements are not just plain disagreements we need to discuss and think through.  Our disagreements have become bitter wars in which we fight with anger and hate, and we feel free to use any tactic from smear campaigns, lies, yelling, and even physical violence to win.  All that matters is winning the debate.  I cannot log onto Facebook without reading multiple articles from both sides of an argument that are completely false and untrue.  They are made up just to score a point for their side of an argument, and the lying is justified because the other side is ‘so wrong’ it makes our lies ok.  

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