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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Church’s Opportunity – A Preacher’s Position on the Election Results

I stayed up later with the presidential election results last night than I did with any of the games of the Chicago Cub’s amazing playoff run. I was flipping between the various news channels into the early hours of November 9th. I haven’t stayed up that late since I was cramming for Dr. Hill’s Greek final in Seminary 14 years ago. I watched each news channel stunned by Donald Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Easily the most asked question was…how. How did President Elect Trump accomplish this? How was he the first candidate since the Reagan sweep to flip the Rust Belt to the Republican ticket? How, How, How. Upon reflecting on this question, I have learned one very important truth.

How did Donald Trump pull the political upset of our lifetime? I think the answer is rather simple. He promised change. He promised that he would change Washington to work for you. He promised that he would employ policies and trade agreements to change your life for the better. He promised that he would repeal specific legislation to change your life. He promise change, after change, after change.

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