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Radio Show 25: The Gospel According to…My Dating Life

Radio Show Episode 25 for WNEG 630 AM Toccoa Georgia.

Devotion:  Matthew 18:20, Worship, Effort, Life Changing Rituals

Music: Children’s Choir

Tune in each week to hear us live at 8:15 am on WNEG 630 AM

An Old Hope – A Preacher’s Position on Josh Duggar and Hope

After my piece on Caitlyn Jenner, I was asked to give a response to Josh Duggar who has admitted to, as a young teen, to the sexual mistreatment of several girls some who are his sisters. My heart breaks for all involved in this story. First and foremost, my thoughts are for his victims. No girls deserve that treatment. I don’t care how they are dressed. My thoughts also go out to Josh’s parents who had to deal with a son who was involved in a dark sexual sin, daughters who were victimized, and knowing that Josh hurt others too. I can’t fathom being in their shoes. Lastly my heart does indeed go out too, to Josh Duggar.

Obviously, the protection of the victims and future potential victims should take precedence in this case. It saddens me to learn that people investigated and revealed several of his victims. I wish the victims identity were kept private, if that is the victim’s choice, so these girls would not have to relive this again. I, think we should pray for these girls, and I hope Josh Duggar is a strong enough Christian to put into place safeguards into his life to protect himself from this dark temptation.

Billy Graham kept a roommate with him in his travels, preaching, when his wife Mrs. Ruth couldn’t attend. This was to protect himself from temptation. If Billy Graham places safeguard to protect himself from temptation, I think we all should, especially myself as I will get to in a moment.

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Matthew 5:9 – The Parable of the Colt SAA Revolver – The Gospel According to Opposites 7

The Gospel According to Opposites 7

The Parable of the Colt SAA Revolver

Sermon Text – Matthew 5:9

Topic – Beatitudes, Blessing, Happiness, Joy, Peacemakers, Peace

Pot and Kettle – A Preacher’s Position on a Faithful Response to Caitlyn Jenner

The Internet, water cooler, social media, and dinner table are full of conversation and debate and argument surrounding the revealing of Caitlyn Jenner in Vanity Fair magazine. I want to take a moment and speak directly to my church, Sunnyside Baptist, and to any other Christian willing to listen to my thoughts on how I want my church to respond to Bruce Jenner introducing the world to Caitlyn and other similar situations.

First, do not attack. Do not hate. Do not persecute. Do not mock. Do not make jokes. Do not put down. Do not scowl.

Let me inform you Christian of some truth. When you were born, you were alienated from God, God’s will, and God’s desire for your life. Psalms 51:5, Colossians 1:21, Romans 3:23, Ephesians 2:2-3, Proverbs 22:15, Genesis 8:21…do I need to go on? Do not think for one second that the issue of alienation or sin in another’s life, including the LGBT community, is in any way, shape, or form, worse than the alienation and sin from which you suffered before Jesus entered your life.

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Matthew 5:8 – The Parable of the Box of Chocolates – The Gospel According to Opposites 6

The Gospel According to Opposites 6

The Parable of the Box of Chocolates

Sermon Text – Matthew 5:8

Topic – Beatitudes, Blessing, Happiness, Joy, Purity, Pure in Heart