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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Both And – False Church Sayings 1 – A Preacher’s Position on Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity has been a mantra of churches for decades.  Smaller churches use this phrase often.  It is about quality not quantity.  This saying wants to stress the impact a ministry can have on an individual rather than how many individuals are in the room.  That, on the outside, looks laudable.  It seems appropriate to care more about the value of how you are sharing or teaching the gospel over how many people hear it because we want the gospel to have impact.

Yes, in my many years in youth ministry, I have seen a lack of quality ministry lead to tremendous numbers.  Once upon a time as a youth pastor, my first week at my new church was spent removing the beach chairs, bean bags, recliners, and couches out of the youth room replacing them with regular folding chairs.  When the teens came in and saw what I had done, they were upset asking where the comfortable seats went.  I told them its hard to learn and worship in a bean bag chair and if you think I am going to let teenagers on a couch in my ministry you are nuts.  Shortly after that, I had a group of teens that did not want quality ministry, move to a church with more video game consoles.  Those that stayed realized there was meat to the ministry, the youth ministry team and I were bringing.  Yes, we can up our quantity by lessoning quality.  That would be bad and sinful.

But you know what, we also can up our quantity without sacrificing quality.

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Share and Ask – A Preacher’s Position on a Cancelled/Moved Funeral

In Denver Colorado, Vanessa Collier’s funeral gained national attention that sparked controversy and protest.  New Hope Ministry church,  Pastor Rey Chavez and Collier’s friends and family are at the center of this ordeal.  There is a wide debate over what actually took place.  We know that the funeral was moved from the church to a funeral home.  People differ widely on the church’s treatment of the Collier family and friends.

Some reports say the church made a request. The family wouldn’t comply with request, and the family chose to move the funeral.  Other reports say the church was much harsher in the ejection of this funeral.

It can be difficult to piece together the situation. Here are links to three articles on this situation: CNN, Denver Post, and Christian Post, but there is enough details to draw a conclusion.

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Radio Show 21: The Gospel According to…Buffets and Mom’s Cooking

Radio Show Episode 21 for WNEG 630 AM Toccoa Georgia.

Devotion: 2 Timothy 3:16 Scripture, God’s Word, Bible

Music: Congregational Hymn

Tune in each week to hear us live at 8:15 am on WNEG 630.

The Parable of Saturday Mornings – Devotion

If you think I preach a lot, you should come live in our house.  Most people only hear my sermons on God and the bible, but my family, gets to hear me preach on anything and everything.  They have heard sermons on a wide array of topics from how to properly set a baseball glove down, to how to spit, to a complete and thorough defense of Jar-Jar Binks in the Star Wars’ pre-quels, to…well, you get the idea.  One sermon that my kids hear often, usually weekly, is my sermon lamenting Saturdays today compared to Saturdays from when I was kid.

I tell my kids Saturday mornings use to be glorious.  Each network had on nothing but cartoons from 6 am to noon.  I remember waking early and watching the snow until the TV channels began to broadcast.  That’s right kids.  Channels were not on 24 hours a day back then.  You eagerly watched snow until at 6 am, then, you stood at attention in your living room because they played the national anthem.  Why did they play the national anthem?  Because kids, when something awesome is about to happen such as a football game or church the Sunday closest to Independence Day, you play the national anthem, and boy howdy, Saturday Mornings were awesome.

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Matthew 5:3 – The Parable of My Ignorant Fishing Trip – The Gospel According to Opposites

The Gospel According to Opposites 1

The Parable of My Ignorant Fishing Trip

Sermon Text – Matthew 5:3

Topic – Beatitudes, Blessing, Happiness, Joy, Poor In Spirit

The Parable of Medicalese – Devotion

Being a pastor, a large part of my job is hospital and doctor’s office visitation. I’ve learned one thing in my years and that is the medical field has their own language. They might be speaking English, but it’s a whole lot different that what I learned growing up in the South. Let’s look at how crazy these terms can get.

A nephrologist is not a person who studies ancient Egyptian gods. It is a kidney doctor. A stethoscope sounds more like a tool to find dinosaurs than a tool  to help you listen to the heart and lungs. Cyanosis is not how you say goodbye in Japanese. It means bluish skin. Cephalgia is not the stuff that grows on ponds. It a head ache, and the medical profession is the only place I know where “positive” means bad and “negative” means good.

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Ignoring The Mess – Stuff Your Pastor Should Tell You 1 – A Preacher’s Position on the New Testament Church

“Preacher, if we could just be a New Testament church, we would be better off.”  “Let’s try to be a New Testament church.”  “The church in the New Testament knew how church was suppose to be done.”  These have been battle cries in the Baptist church for decades if not longer.  I still hear this often in my ministry just how awesome the New Testament church was and how that should be our goal.

So many place the New Testament church on such an unbelievably high pedestal without ever really examining just what the New Testament church looked like.  When you examine the New Testament, you will learn that the New Testament church was just as messy as the churches and denominations today filled with debate and squabbles.  I do not write this to cause you to lose your admiration for the New Testament church or the early church.  I write this to raise your admiration for the church today.  We are not as far off from the New Testament church as many believe.

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A Proper Spotlight – A Preacher’s Position on Police Scrutiny

Stop me if you have heard this before, a police department is under investigation for a death of a suspect in custody.  Freddie Gray died in Baltimore in police custody April the 12th.  This adds to the growing list of names such as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Eric Harris, Jason Harrison, Tamir Rice and, Walter Scott.  The news coverage of these stories has been constant, and local and federal investigations have followed these and other similar cases.

Let me begin by saying this opinion piece is not passing judgment on any police officer or suspect in any of these cases.  The cases above and many like them are so complex, this pastor realizes that he does not posses the information or the ability, needed to pass judgment for or against anyone.

I have great admiration for the men and women of law enforcement. I also have great respect for the civil rights of all individuals just as all good police officers do.  Again, this piece is not meant to pass judgment, but it is meant to encourage the discovery of the truth and to encourage dialogue on difficult questions.

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The Parable of Night Tracks – Devotion

I grew up in a small town, and in that small town we had 10 channels, 2 of which were CBS.  The only difference in the CBSs was the nightly news: one from Panama City and the other from Dothan.  One channel we didn’t have that I really wanted was  MTV.  Music was a huge part of my childhood as I am sure it was in yours.  I wanted to see music videos.  I heard of them, but never saw one.  We only had music videos on a show called Night Tracks on TBS.  As the name suggests, Night Tracks came on television in the middle of the night.  It was 12:05 am, technically on Saturday morning, to be exact.

I asked  my parents Friday after Friday after Friday; can I please stay up and watch Night Tracks.  Side note, I love DVR.  Now, back to the topic at hand.  I asked over and over, and my parents continually said you’re too young to stay up that late.  When you are older, we will let you.  I am not sure how old I was.  I would guess 7 or 8, probably still too young to stay up past midnight.   I’m sure I wore my parents down, but they finally said that I could stay up and watch Night Tracks.  I was so excited.  I felt so cool.  I couldn’t wait to tell my friends that I was able to stay up and watch Night Tracks.  I couldn’t wait to tell them all the cool stuff in these music videos.

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