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Sharing the Good News

A Biblical Response to the Supreme Court Marriage Ruling – John 4:35

This is my sermon preached on the Sunday following the Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality. Upon re listening to this sermon, I say “we” and “us” quite a bit. When I say “we” and “us” I am referring to the Bible believing Christian church of which I belong and pastor.

For my written response to how I want my church to respond to this ruling, please read my article, One Plus One Plus…

How I want my church to respond to this ruling.

Sermon Text – John 4:35

Topic – Love, The Gospel, Evangelism, Sharing the Gospel, Witnessing

The Parable of Medicalese – Devotion

Being a pastor, a large part of my job is hospital and doctor’s office visitation. I’ve learned one thing in my years and that is the medical field has their own language. They might be speaking English, but it’s a whole lot different that what I learned growing up in the South. Let’s look at how crazy these terms can get.

A nephrologist is not a person who studies ancient Egyptian gods. It is a kidney doctor. A stethoscope sounds more like a tool to find dinosaurs than a tool  to help you listen to the heart and lungs. Cyanosis is not how you say goodbye in Japanese. It means bluish skin. Cephalgia is not the stuff that grows on ponds. It a head ache, and the medical profession is the only place I know where “positive” means bad and “negative” means good.

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