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Tim Kellar’s Defense of Election

Can We Chop Chopped Wood? – A Preacher’s Response to Timothy Keller’s Defense of Election

IMG_7154I have dealt with and discussed some socially controversial topics from the LGBT community to the police’s use of deadly force to the unlawful interrogation of a kid without representation, so I thought I would take some time and jump into an old fashion theological debate.  For me, these are just fun.  I am a nerd, and for those Bible nerds out there, I think you might find this fun too.  For those non-Bible nerds our there, you are missing out.  You should be a Bible nerd too.

Yesterday I read Timothy Keller’s blog posted to  In this post, he offers three defenses to three objections to the Doctrine of Election.  I wanted to object to his objections.  First, let me say, I have tremendous respect for Timothy Keller.  If you haven’t listened to Keller preach or read Keller’s works, your faith is poorer for it.  I strive to be a pastor more like Keller with one foot actively pastoring and my other foot in the realm of theology/apologetics.  I think far too often those two spheres are keep separate to the detriment of both.

But I want to respond to his response.  You can and should read Kellers blog post, and you can find it here.

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