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A Homemade Clock

Time for Change – A Preacher’s Position on a Homemade Clock

IMG_7154A 14 year old kid was arrested in Texas named Ahmed Mohamed for building a homemade clock.  He showed this clock to his engineering teacher, who told him not to show to anyone else.   The clock was discovered by an English teacher.  The clock and Ahmed were reported.  He was arrested for building a bomb or a hoax bomb.  Ahmed was handcuffed and taken in for questioning.  During the interrogation, his parents, nor a lawyer, nor a social worker, was present to represent Ahmed.  After a while, the police did determine that the device was harmless.  They released Ahmed and no charges were filled.  Although the reports, do have Ahmed receiving a suspension from the school for this incident, which I have yet to discover if that punishment was lifted or not.

Social media has erupted in support of Ahmed Mohamed.  He has received an invitation to the White House from the President.  He has received numerous other invitation and gifts from internship, tours of businesses and schools, free circuit kits for more building, shirts worn in space from an astronaught, among others.  This has been called racial and/or religious profiling from average joes on Facebook, all the way to the White House, to CEOs of major corporations, to presidential candidates.  I do not think you need my two cents saying this was a case of racial and/or religious profiling.  Do you think if Daisy Sue Johnson built a clock she would be in handcuffs?  I hope you are not that naive.

I want my two cents to go toward the many, many other outrageous acts in this story that are seemingly being overlooked because of the egregious racial and/or religious profiling.

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