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You Left the Valuables Behind

You Left the Valuables Behind – To the Individual Who Broke Into Our Church

IMG_7154To the individual who broke into our church.

We have a message for you. First, we do not care about the two doors you broke. We do not care about the locked filing cabinet you jimmied open. We do not care about the mess, and we most assuredly do not care about the hundred bucks you took with you. What we do care about is you!

For the last several days I have pondered what would make me desperate enough to rob a church: lost my job and need to feed my kids, a struggle with addiction, an extortionist interest rate on a “helpful” pay day loan, a cruel person claiming to be a Christian who acted despicably toward me…I am truly sorry for whatever situation that led you to kicking in our door. I have prayed for you everyday since and will continue to pray that God will deliver you from your burdens and strife.

But most importantly, I want you to know that as you walked out of Sunnyside Baptist Church with that money, you left the valuables behind.

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