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Education and Politics

Getting Schooled – A Preacher’s Position on America’s Education Crisis

I watched the CNN Republican Debate. Even though they discussed some important topics, such as the Middle East, taxes, immigration, defunding Planned Parenthood, among others, I kept waiting and waiting, they completely missed one of the biggest crisis facing this country. It is time we as the people begin screaming. I do mean scream, we must have education reform! We are focusing on so many issues while our children are not being educated to the level of the resources that we have in our country. Think about that. We are a G8 geopolitical power with resources far beyond most countries and what are we not doing with our resources? We are not giving our children the education on par with the resources we have, and our country and young people are suffering because of this.

The National Center for Education Statistics in 2012 did a comprehensive study of 65 countries. Here is where the United States stood. We are 36th in mathematic literacy. Our average score was 13 points below the average score of the 65 countries taken together. We are 28th in scientific literacy. Our average score was 4 points below the average score of the 65 countries. We are 24th in reading literacy. We did score above the average score of the 65 countries in reading, but by only 2 points.

In the three hour debate, there was not one question asked on education. In the three hour debate, I counted only five references in total to education. Of those five, four of the references were single sentence statements without any detail or explanation. The other reference was a 30 second response of Scott Walker.  When discussing the raising of minimum wage, Walker said that education is a way to raise a persons earning potential. A three hour debate, and by my estimation, education was discussed for less than 60 seconds. More time was spent for each candidate to give him or herself a code name. We are missing it.

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