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Church Taxes and Planned Parenthood

Not at Dinner – A Preacher’s Position on Church, Taxes, & Planned Parenthood

One thing I enjoy about being a pastor is I get to talk about all the things you aren’t suppose to discuss at the dinner table, namely: religion, politics, and taxes. Today, I want to address taxes, government money, churches, and Planned Parenthood. Google, “church tax exempt” and you will find dozens of sites dedicated to lobbying for the removal of religious institutions’ tax exempt status. The opponents of the current tax exempt status for religious institutions argue this tax break violates separation of church and state. Also, it prevents churches from being taxed on millions and millions of dollars worth of assets.

Let me state for the record I have NO problem with my church losing its tax exempt status. The church has stood with governments out to destroy it through hate and violence. It has stood longer than many governments that tried to destroy it. It will stand without a tax exemption. I care far more about the movement for the government to defund Planned Parenthood than I do my church’s tax exemption.

I believe in my God to provide for my church’s needs. I believe in my parishioners’ loving hearts to give if more need arises. I have seen them give beyond what I thought possible. I believe my church doesn’t need a hand out from the government to survive and thrive. I believe my church would stand as strong…possibly stronger, in the future if we lost our tax exempt status today! A faithful God and a faithful people will provide for Sunnyside’s mission and ministry. I believe that without fear or hesitation. If we lose our tax exemption, we pay some taxes. Lives are at stake in the funding of Planned Parenthood.

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