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If The Heartbeat Matters – A Preacher’s Position on Abortion

We live in a country with numerous rights. We do have a need to discuss what makes a right, a right, but that’s a topic for another day. With so many rights, there are often times when rights conflict with one another. One such conflict that has been in the news lately is an individual’s right to life and a woman’s right to choose. The abortion debate has heated up due to two factors. First, Ohio lawmakers have passed the Heartbeat Bill that will make abortions illegal once an unborn heartbeat is detectable. This bill sits on the governor’s desk awaiting action. Second, President Elect Donald Trump has appointed noted pro-life advocate Tom Price as director of Health and Human Services and has published a list of judges for possible appointment to the Supreme Court.

These two events have the pro-life movement as excited about the future as I have ever witnessed, but before we start our touch down celebration, as a pro-life individual, I want to give a warning and a challenge. If all we do for the pro-life movement is sign petitions, vote republican, and yell, then, the pro-life movement will fail.

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