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Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye – Is the Bible Outdated? Part 1

In all of the hullabaloo in the aftermath over the Supreme Court’s decision to state Marriage Equality is a Constitutional Right, the Bible has come under attack. I have read several articles including several from pastors stating the Bible is outdated. It cannot be applied in a modern world. As one news reporter stated to a pastor, “Don’t you think it’s time that the Bible is dragged into modern times?” These attacks are centered around several passages. These attacks attempt to make people who believe the Bible is a word from God appear as foolish ignoramuses that do not know anything about the book they they claim to follow. I feel I need to respond to these criticisms to show that we Bible believers do in fact know a little about the good book.

This will be the first in a series of responses to these criticisms. Before I begin, I want to be clear on a few things. First, I know the Bible has been used a weapon against many, and Bible believers have used God’s word in very cruel ways. That is sin. I am not defending God’s word to sharpen my weapon against anyone or any group. I just want you to know why I do believe the Bible is a word from God and is not outdated for our “modern” times.

As you will see, most attacks on Scripture are pulled way out of context and used in ways that was never intended. By the way, Christians are just as good at pulling Scripture out of context too and using it for their ends instead of God’s.

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