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The Confederate Flag

Pineapples – A Preacher’s Position on the Confederate Flag

One thing I find fascinating is how one story occurs, and how people quickly use it to push an agenda that is completely unrelated.  The Charleston Church shooting happens and people against guns use this story for gun control.  Others have used it to rally against the Confederate Flag.  Even though I am addressing the Confederate Flag debate because it is in the news, I want it to be known the Church Shooting and the Confederate Flag are related tenuously at best.  The removal of the Confederate Flag will not address the deep divide of racism in our Country that I discussed in the previous article Long Division.  But the Confederate Flag debate is one worth having, upon which I have an opinion.

First this is our problem because our ancestors didn’t address it.  In the 1860’s, the Confederate Flag absolutely symbolized an act of disunion and aggression against the United States of America.  It was the Confederates that fired the first shots of the American Civil War in Fort Sumter, South Carolina.  If the United States were wise, the Confederate Flag would have be removed from American culture beginning on April 10th 1865 when it clearly was a symbol that stood firmly against the United States of America.  This should be a lesson to us all.  Do not pass the buck when facing issues because then they only become more difficult and complicated to deal with later.  You remove the tick before it digs deep.

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