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Charleston Church Shooting

Long Division – A Preacher’s Position on the Charleston Church Shooting

A white kid, that owned a jacket with an apartheid South African flag on it, walked into a historic black church in Charleston with a long history of civil rights activism, shot and killed nine worshipers.  This is more than a tragedy.  This is racial hatred on a level that should not exist in the United States of America.  We are a developed country.  We are the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  We should be better than this.  When, I read of this unspeakable act that follows a long history of unspeakable acts, I have come to three conclusions.

First, we have a serious and significant racial divide in our country.  We need to stop ignoring that fact.   I am tired of hearing racism is “better than it use to be.”  Um, we are nation that just a few decades ago had “colored” water fountains that were lower than the white folk’s, so the negro would be demeaned by having to bend over more.  Saying we are better is not saying much at all.  It would be like me saying, I beat my wife twice a week last year, but now, I only beat her twice a month.  I’m better guys…I am better.  Better is a far cry from good!

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