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2015 Associational Missions Emphasis Week

2015 Associational Mission Emphasis Week – May 17th-23rd 2015 – Dr. Wade Lott

Dr. Wade Lott, Associational Missionary of the Tugalo Association, shares information on the upcoming Associational Mission Emphasis Week.

Associational Missions Emphasis from Wade Lott on Vimeo.

We give 4% of our offerings to support the Tugalo Association. The association is involved in great ministries from training local churches and pastors, which includes our church and your pastor, Merge that work to uplift low income families and non-profit ministries, church planting, prayer, pulpit supply, worship help, and so much more.

This video discusses Associational Mission Emphasis week May 17-23rd, 2015. I hope the association isn’t something you only support by giving to our offering. I hope you will take this week, specially lift up Brother Wade, Ms. Teresa, the 43 churches, pastors, and support staff of the Tugalo Association.

Learn more at Our association. .

Preacher Jes