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Quality Over Quantity

Both And – False Church Sayings 1 – A Preacher’s Position on Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity has been a mantra of churches for decades.  Smaller churches use this phrase often.  It is about quality not quantity.  This saying wants to stress the impact a ministry can have on an individual rather than how many individuals are in the room.  That, on the outside, looks laudable.  It seems appropriate to care more about the value of how you are sharing or teaching the gospel over how many people hear it because we want the gospel to have impact.

Yes, in my many years in youth ministry, I have seen a lack of quality ministry lead to tremendous numbers.  Once upon a time as a youth pastor, my first week at my new church was spent removing the beach chairs, bean bags, recliners, and couches out of the youth room replacing them with regular folding chairs.  When the teens came in and saw what I had done, they were upset asking where the comfortable seats went.  I told them its hard to learn and worship in a bean bag chair and if you think I am going to let teenagers on a couch in my ministry you are nuts.  Shortly after that, I had a group of teens that did not want quality ministry, move to a church with more video game consoles.  Those that stayed realized there was meat to the ministry, the youth ministry team and I were bringing.  Yes, we can up our quantity by lessoning quality.  That would be bad and sinful.

But you know what, we also can up our quantity without sacrificing quality.

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