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Saturday Mornings

The Parable of Saturday Mornings – Devotion

If you think I preach a lot, you should come live in our house.  Most people only hear my sermons on God and the bible, but my family, gets to hear me preach on anything and everything.  They have heard sermons on a wide array of topics from how to properly set a baseball glove down, to how to spit, to a complete and thorough defense of Jar-Jar Binks in the Star Wars’ pre-quels, to…well, you get the idea.  One sermon that my kids hear often, usually weekly, is my sermon lamenting Saturdays today compared to Saturdays from when I was kid.

I tell my kids Saturday mornings use to be glorious.  Each network had on nothing but cartoons from 6 am to noon.  I remember waking early and watching the snow until the TV channels began to broadcast.  That’s right kids.  Channels were not on 24 hours a day back then.  You eagerly watched snow until at 6 am, then, you stood at attention in your living room because they played the national anthem.  Why did they play the national anthem?  Because kids, when something awesome is about to happen such as a football game or church the Sunday closest to Independence Day, you play the national anthem, and boy howdy, Saturday Mornings were awesome.

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