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The New Testament Church

Ignoring The Mess – Stuff Your Pastor Should Tell You 1 – A Preacher’s Position on the New Testament Church

“Preacher, if we could just be a New Testament church, we would be better off.”  “Let’s try to be a New Testament church.”  “The church in the New Testament knew how church was suppose to be done.”  These have been battle cries in the Baptist church for decades if not longer.  I still hear this often in my ministry just how awesome the New Testament church was and how that should be our goal.

So many place the New Testament church on such an unbelievably high pedestal without ever really examining just what the New Testament church looked like.  When you examine the New Testament, you will learn that the New Testament church was just as messy as the churches and denominations today filled with debate and squabbles.  I do not write this to cause you to lose your admiration for the New Testament church or the early church.  I write this to raise your admiration for the church today.  We are not as far off from the New Testament church as many believe.

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