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Dance Class

The Parable of Dance Class – Devotion

I have two daughters that are involved in dance, and through them I have learned a great deal. I have learned that all dance is not the same. There is ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, among others, and each one of those dance forms has its own shoes. I know the difference between a plie and an arabesque. I can even do the first five positions, although my toe pointing could use a little work. Lastly, I learned that buns are not just pastries from the oven, and I can even put one in your head if I have enough pins.

Without a doubt my daughters’ favorite part of dance is the recitals and performances. They love the sparkly outfits. The will argue over whose outfit is the cutest. They love getting on stage in front of a crowd and being the center of attention. They love the flowers they will receive from mom after their performance. They love everything about the show.

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