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Religous Freedom and Resoration Act

The Wrong Target – A Preacher’s Position on Georgia’s RFRA Bill

IMG_7154With all of the politcal debate raging, I have reached the point where I hate the term “right(s)” with the rage of a hundred erupting volcanos. We have a “right” to refuse service. We have a “right” to marry. We have a “right” to tuition money. We have a “right” to healthcare. We have a “right” to practice our faith. It has become the word to scream when you want to get your way. I want to live this way, so I just yell, “This choice is my RIGHT!” It is played like a trump card to win the argument, but it has become a wall that has killed all profitable discussion. When I hear someone state, “We have a right,” it is like my toddler who throws himself to the ground screaming and crying because he didn’t get a second cookie. It has become nothing more than frustrating noise.

We are so engroseed in getting our way that we are ignoring the political and social discussion we desperately need to be having. Take my home state of Gerogia for example. I love my state. There are numerous reasons why Ray Charles had Georgia and not Michigan on his mind, and currently, we are in the national news for the politcal debate regarding Senate Bill 129, Georgia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. You can read the current bill here that has passed and is awaiting the Govenror’s signature or veto. The bill’s purpose, according to those that passed it, is to protect people from having to compromise their personal faith. According to it’s detractors, it is legalized discrimination.

Both sides are throwing around the term “right,” right and left. Churches are saying we have a right to say no to outside groups wanting to use our facilities based on our beliefs. Individuals are saying we have a right of access to a business services. Businesses are saying they have a right to refuse service, and basically, we are ignoring the discussion we need to have.

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Freedom for What? – A Preacher’s Position on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana

Indiana has been all over the news lately with the passing and revision of the Indiana State Bill 101 better known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  The aim of this bill was to protect Business Owners that practice a religion to be able to say “no” to request that would force them to do work against their faith and/or belief system.

Let me say, that I apllaud the idea.  A tee shirt company in Kentucky was ordered to print a pro-homosexual tee shirt.  The tee shirt owner stated, “We’ll work with anybody, but if there’s a specific message that conflicts with my convictions, then I can’t promote that.”  He stated that he would provide service for any person regardless of sex, race, orientation, but he could not print a message that went against his faith.  How can a court order a person to go against his or her faith, whether you agree with that faith or not?  Whether or not you agree with homosexuality, I find this order worrisome.  A man was ordered to do something against his religion!  That is scarey and not just for Christians, but for all peoples of faith, and LGBT community.  It would be just as wrong to order a business owner from the LGBT community  to perform a task against the LGBT community.

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